Born in 1950 August 23 rd. Tytuvėnai, Kelmės r.

1981 y. graduated from Vilnius State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts). After studying, he worked as an architect, sculptor and painter.

1986 y. has created a metal sculpture “Water Bird” (Raguva), 1987. – sculpture made of copper and tin “School” (Panevėžys), 2000–2001. – two stainless steel sculptures (Vilnius), 2008–2010. – two sculptures for Dusetos Park.

From 1988 y. participates in exhibitions at the Arch Gallery.

1999–2009 y. sculptures were created in Germany together with world-famous sculptors Martin Matschinsky and Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff.

From 2005 y. annually participates in exhibitions at Dusetos Art Gallery. Many exhibitions have been held abroad. The works have been purchased by collectors from Germany, Italy, the USA, Australia and other countries.

2020 y. participated in the 11th contemporary art fair ArtVilnius’20.

Algirdas Gaižauskas is characterized by a very unique manner, imaginative play, and a sense of unusual spaces. The coloristics of his paintings are gentle – it sounds like jazz music, leading only to tracks and tracks familiar to the creator.

Gaizauskas profile

Algirdas Gaižauskas, now living in both Vilnius and Dusetos, is from Tytuvėnai. After studying, he worked as an architect, sculptor and painter, and created sculptures in Germany for ten years. His sculptures adorn Vilnius, Panevėžys, Raguva, two are built in Dusetos Park. The artist said that painting is still closer to his heart, because most of the ideas and works are born in plein airs, where it is very good and fun. This is the best time for a creator, when he is not constrained by any household worries and can seem to dissolve into communication, being, the joy of nature and creativity.