Leonardas Gutauskas (born in 1938 in Kaunas).

Poet, prose writer, painter. A creator of poetic prose, depicting physically weak, fragile mental but morally resilient people in the face of historical challenges. Laureate of the National Prize (2001).

1966 graduated from Vilnius Art Institute. Since 1966 participates in exhibitions. 1991-1993 he taught painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. He made his debut as a poet in 1961 (collection My Horses Lost), published books of poems The Gate Under the Semester (1976), Hospitality House (1980), Shore (1982), Joker (1985), Portrait (1988), Bethlehem (1996), Paper Box (1998) and etc., as well as queues for children: Tales about bee works (1973), Heavenly Blacksmith – Thunder (1980), Golden Straw Light (1989), Whose Cat Mustache (1998), etc. He has been writing mostly prose for the past decade. Created novels by Wolf’s Tooth Necklace (1-3 vol. 1990-1997), Letters from Viesvile (2001), Shadows (2001), Feather. Kazbek (2003), Theology of Dreams (2006), Flies. Attic (2007), Stuff (2008), a large collection of short prose Dog Songs (2011).

Solo exhibitions

2009, 2012, 2013 Gallery Dailininku mene, Vilnius
2010 Portraits. Compositions. Savickas Picture Gallery, Vilnius
2003 Sacred painting exhibition. Juskus Gallery, Vilnius
1995, 1996, 1998 Painting. Vartai Gallery, Vilnius
1996 Cardiogram, drawings, watercolors, collages 1960–1996. Vartai Gallery, Vilnius
1988 Art Exhibition Hall, Vilnius
1987 Palace of Artists, Vilnius
1978 Art Exhibition Hall, Vilnius
1965 Institute of Urban Construction Design, Vilnius

Group exhibitions

2011 Lithuanian painting tradition. Juškus Gallery, Vilnius
1997 Silent Modernism in Lithuania. 1962–1982. Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius
1996 Group “24” exhibition. Center for Contemporary Art, Vilnius
1994 Group “24” exhibition. Spadem Gallery, Paris
1994 Municipal Library, Tours, France
1992 International Book Illustration Exhibition. Georges Pompidou Center, Paris
1989 Trends in Contemporary Lithuanian Painting. Palace of Culture, Nyredhaza
1989 Bartok ’32 Gallery, Budapest
1987 Soviet Lithuanian Art. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1969 Vilnius Painting Biennial. Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius