Born in 1965, Obeliai, Lithuania.

2006 Graduated from Šiauliai University of Art and Technology in Lithuania.

Rimvydas Pupelis painter, scenographer, author of original artistic projects is a well-known artist not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Against the background of Lithuanian art, Rimvydas’ works have a very recognizable manner of painting – brightness, playfulness, anticipation of emotions and enrichment of colors.
R. Pupelis basically became a cubist manner. The roots of the artist’s work are linked to the founder of the Cubist movement Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973). Bean creates figurative compositions in which people are analyzed, broken down and reassembled in an abstract form, the artist depicts the subject from many points. This method, according to the artist, makes it possible to convey the diversity and complexity of human relationships and differences in personalities. Meanwhile, colors are bright, contrasting, and expressive, representing the amplitude of personal emotions. Using the manner of Cubism, the artist talks about people and their relationships, full of irony, humor and absurd situations. He seeks to portray the immediate environment in a grotesque way and with a bit of eroticism.
Rimvydas Pupelis has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists ‘Union since 2019, a member of the French Artists’ House since 2019, and has been granted the status of an artist in 2015.
In 2017 R. Pupelis was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Obeliai, the 2008 International Theater Day nomination “The Most Bright Scenography of the Season” and many other honorable nominations


2020 exhibition GALERIE SONIA MONT. Paris France.
2019 September, group exhibition “Grands Eaux”, Galerie Art’Course, Strasbourg, France.
2019 September, personal exhibition “God is not a Mercenary”, Council of Europe, Strasbourg.
2019 May, personal exhibition “Day and Night in the Gardens of Eden”, GODÒ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 February 6 group exhibition “Strasbourg my love”, Galerie Art’Course, Strasbourg, France.
2019 January 10 personal exhibition “I Became You”, GODÒ Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 November 21 group exhibition “Colored Nymphes & Titans”, GODÒ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 November 20 Painting and batik exhibition “Language of Colors”, AP Gallery, Vilnius.
2018 November 8 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Art3f Salon, Mulhouse, France.
2018 October 5 group exhibition at Ukmergė Culture Center, Ukmergė, Lithuania.
2018 July 27 Art3fcannes Art Fair, Cannes, France.
2018 June 17 Marché des Créateurs, Place de Zurich, Strasbourg, France.
2018 June 5 group exhibition „10 × 4 ″, AP gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2018 June 2 Exhibition of Rokiškis Artists’ Club “Roda”, Dusetos Art Gallery, Dusetos, Lithuania.
2018 May 14 Exhibition “No.3”, LOFTAS, Vilnius, Lithuania, organized by the “Three Days” assembly.
2018 April 7 exhibition Galerie Tet’de l’Art, Forbach, France.

2018 April 3 Exhibition of the Lithuanian-French artists’ project “Meeting on the Bridge / Rendez-vous sur le pont” at Rokiškis Culture Center, Rokiškis, Lithuania.
2018 February 11 exhibition at B2O bar, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2018 February 10 traditional international exhibition “Horse in Art”, Dusetos Art Gallery.
2017 December 8 Art Fair Basel Art Center, Basel, Switzerland.
2017 May 15 Exhibition “No.2” of the assembly “Three Days”, Gallery555, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2017 Art Tasting Project, AP Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2016 November exhibition “M Gallery”, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
2016 International Biennial Exhibition, Macedonia.
2016 Exhibition “Horse in Art”, Dusetos Art Gallery, Lithuania.
2016 Project “Art Tasting”, “AP Gallery”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2015 Project “Art Tasting”, “AP Gallery” Vilnius.
2015 Visual art exhibition ONE AUTHOR-ONE WORK, Šiauliai Art Gallery.
2014 December 19 – 25 January 2015 Photography exhibition “Aukštaitija Photography Today”, Panevėžys Photography Gallery.
2012 The exhibition “Contemporary Art of Aukštaitija” organized by Panevėžys City Art Gallery.
2011 and 2010 International Biennial Contemporary Graphics Exhibition “IOSIF ISER”, Ploiesti, Romania.
2008 The exhibition “Contemporary Art of Aukštaitija” organized by Panevėžys City Art Gallery.
2008 Exhibition in the contemporary art gallery “Water”.
2008 Exhibition at Rokiškis Palace of Culture.
2007 Exhibition of the decade of Rokiškis Artists’ Club “Roda”.
2006 The exhibition “Contemporary Art of Aukštaitija” organized by Panevėžys City Art Gallery.
2007 Exhibition at Ukmergė Art Gallery.
2006 Exhibition of Aukštaitija Art Art Objects “Window”.
2003 Exhibition of miniatures in Dusetos gallery.


1999 R. Pupelis, in close collaboration with John Mecca (New York, USA) and Arūnas Kulikauskas, organized the art project “Threshold”;
2000 He participated in the International Artists Symposium, Italy;
2015 R. Pupelis was mentioned in the art book – “(Un) Dependent History of Contemporary Art 1987 – 2014”, Volume II.