Violeta Gasparaitis was born in 1955 in Vilnius. 1981 graduated from the Lithuanian State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) and acquired the specialty of artist-ceramicist. In the same year he moved to Leipzig (Germany). There he joined the ranks of artists, participated in exhibitions. Since 1984 exhibited works at the Kunst der Zeit art gallery in Leipzig. Held solo exhibitions in Germany: 1985. Altenburg and Halle, 1991. – Esene, 2015 – Leipzig. She has created 14 personal exhibitions of ceramics and paintings abroad and in Lithuania.
V. Gasparaitis’ range of works and themes is very wide – from ceramics to large – format paintings. The artist creates with her own technique. The themes of man and nature, ecology are especially relevant in her work.

Virgilijus Gasparaitis was born in 1959 In Šiauliai.
Since 1964 lived in Leipzig (Germany). 1982 He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Leipzig.
Since 1984 together with his wife Violeta Gasparaitis creates wooden sculptures and ceramics.

1999 the couple returned to Lithuania and joined the ranks of artists at the Dusetos Art Gallery. Actively participates in exhibitions of local artists. 2014 organized a personal exhibition at the Zarasai Regional Museum and Dusetos Art Gallery.
Violeta and Virgilijus Gasparaičiai founded the Aukštaitija Artists’ Association. Organized 5 international plein airs in Aukštaitija manors. Currently, artists live and work in Dusetos region.